Wel-co-me Wednesday

Today We gather out food and  weL-co-me our Fruit,

We see the array of our coming 7 days Living fruit in front of us and speak our intent, love and gratitude to the life force and healing we are about to receive...


For each and every one and Uni-phi our incredible X family.

This is a day for free flowing consumption of fruit how ever you wish... but remember Raw and abstain from salts...

Make sure you have joined the forum and are ready to share, care and reciprocate our love to our wonderful x family..

Good Luck...

You are about to Em-B-Ark on a CLEAN-S-E......


Balance is the key and you are the lock..

Don't b-locked by ILLUSION

B-right S-T-(ar)-s that you (Ar)e xxxx

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We love you