X Marks The Spot

Are you seeking deeper truth, purpose and connection in life? Discover an empowering community guided by universal wisdom.

Join acclaimed spiritual teachers Joshua and Michelle X as they share illuminating insights from their own journey of growth. Through live-stream talks, interactive courses, Q&A's and community forums, they reveal how to find health, inner freedom and joy.

Immerse yourself in transformative teachings on holistic living, elevated consciousness, and mind-body-spirit alignment. Each lesson interweaves ancient knowledge with modern practices for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Learn how to move through life with grace, build deeper relationships, manifest abundance, and step into your highest potential. An inclusive community of conscious beings is here to support your evolution through every challenge and victory.

This is a one-of-a-kind space for seekers ready to expand their reality and co-create a new world. Join in passionate, thought-provoking dialogue about the mysteries of existence. Support each other's gifts. Forge bonds through respect, compassion and wisdom.

The journey begins within. Gain clarity, elevate your energy and unlock doors to new possibilities. Feel stress and struggle recede as you align with your true divine nature.

Take the first step to revolutionary growth and fulfillment. Wisdom, connection and transformation await.
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What We Offer

We offer a continuous outroll of the truth in wisdom from experience from masters Joshua and Michelle X of matter(food, fasting, healing, posture, exercise, recipes for all plant based diets, permaculture and so much more), energy(frequency, vibration, Language, ma-g-net-is-m, ma-g-i-c of this plane) And self(awareness, consciousness, satsang, ego destruction) bringing uni-ty with mind body and spirit (di-vine syncretists). 

The teachings in the form of courses to action and apply to your life to transform your very real-i-ty, living in joy happiness, freedom, abundance, free from disease and any suffering , while inner standing the cosmos and beyond, LIVE Q&A'scommunity forums and constant inspiration to build ones temple of solo-mon, creating unity and community with conscious beings from across the plane.

Josh & Michelle X will guide you through applicable gnosis to consistently break boundaries and evolve one's self, deconstructing hidden gnosis to bring applicable action for true change. 

So, if you are looking to start a new life and to reciprocate energy with beings on a similar journey, to begin building communities or joint ventures in land/projects to get off grid and start growing food from all over the earth, you'll find it here.

Library Of In-Depth Courses

Dive into courses on healing the body, fasting, yoga, posture correction, breathing and virtues, showing how one can see the energy behind all things and actively create the life you want to live. Every moonth we will have new and exciting courses to engineer yourself for-tuning to the highest.
Unlimited access to dozens of powerful updated courses eating, healing, breathing, fasting, yoga, etymology, the virtues and so much more...
Easy to navigate and learn quickly
Save and track your course progress
 Join course-related forums to connect with other beautiful beings on the same journey
Gain full mastery over your Life 
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Community Forums

Land Pooling Forum
Course Support Forum
House/Land Sharing/Renting Forum
Recipe Sharing Forum
And so much more...
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Join a fast-growing community of beings from across the earth looking to become self sufficient and move to a warmer climate to build independent living communities. Our powerful platform has forums and private messaging built for all countries to connect.

Regular Exclusive Updates 

From our Updates page, access member-only content from Josh & Michelle X
Inspir-at-ion to keep one positive and  on track
Community updates
Community challenges
New recipes
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Social Features

Our powerful platform is built-in with powerful social features to enable you to connect with like-minded beings with private messaging, friend connections and relationship building.
Private messaging
Friend requests
Relationship building
More features coming soon...
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Live Q&A Calls

Join our biweekly LIVE Q&A calls to spend precious time with the entire X Family. Ask questions, share your journey and break bound-aries LIVE as a group
Meet the entire X Fam
Get answers to all your questions LIVE
Connect, share and break boundaries
Calls are bi-weekly and recorded for future viewing pleasure
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Stories Of Healing

  • "I first became aware of Josh through his wonderful videos which spoke to my soul and activ-ate-d something inside of me I could not quite describe…I felt compelled to reach..."
    - Trevor, France
  • I have been conscious my whole life and been through so mamy spiritual teachers, I have never been so enlightened as to following Joshua x and the x family. I have had private...
    - Diane, Florida
  • Thanks to the X Fam, I have lost 50 lbs and healed my diabetes in only 4 months. Not to mention my whole family is now eating whole food plant based and we have all become so much happier...
    - Timothy, London, UK
  • With the x families posture correction course i can truly say, i am 68 and have never walked without pain, until now and i am really enjoying the yoga... You are such a gift to the world... All my love..
    - Bob, Scotland
  • I have followed the teachings on food and implementation of fasting and reversed my cancer diagnosis myself... I am forever greatful. I am now going through the courses and my awareness is growing so rapidly...
    - Alex, Australia
  • Omg, I cannot believe these virtues and how much I can see. I have never understood life until now. I am amazed.. Highly recommend the x family courses. Next level teachings. I cannot say that...
    - Sammy, California
  • I had a friend who has stage 4 lymphoma and I know Josh personally. He guided her through a transitional diet and in only 6 weeks she had the all clear. Thank you family.. We are so greatful, words cannot convey..
    - Catherine, Bristol, UK
  • Thanks to the X Fam, I have lost 50 lbs and healed my diabetes in only 4 months. Not to mention my whole family is now eating whole food plant based and we have all become so much happier...
    - Timothy, London, UK
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The Move-Ment

At the X Fam Unity we are building communities, helping beings reverse ailments, creating systems for everyone to get the services like food, clothing at a non profit, raising consciousness, destroying ego mind, liberating life, bringing light to the darkness. With simple application and effort you can transform your life in the fastest way. Join our website to help support us create as we bring truth to the masses. We appreciate you so very much..
Join the movement as we be-co-me ever expansive.

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