W-ate-r Wednesday

W-ate-R Wednesday X-per-i-en-ce

Wel-co-me to W-ate-r Wednesday...

WE-LL... aren't we.. L-eve-L be-in-g-s o-f L-i-g-h-t x

WE earn eL and L-earn so we eL-eve-ate 8.....

WE can Discover the (Di)-s-c-over and let the Di-vine Di-s-solve bringing balance to aLL....

Di-still water is the purest form of cleanse..

Be sure if you can to distill your water during any water fasting , store in a copper vessel, the negative magnetic charge is bringing an al-k-aline, purifying effect on the water and w-i-LL term-in-ate single cell pathogens and now this water can pull positively charged particles and bring homeostasis (neutrality) and the body can dump non v-a-L-u-able/avail-able minerals, heavy metals and clean-s-e you in the quickest way possible.. There is nothing EL-s-e....

After 2 to 5 hours in copper pour into a glass, if you have a silver spoon - stir water into a vortex to re energise, give your intent, love and man-T-ra.

Before you drink it, STOP for a Complete Breath (see the lost art of breathing in the courses section), be present and pure, embrace this incredible substance.

Try to drink around 2 to 3 litres or more if you feel the need to throughout your day but your body will tell you so don't think about it.. Trust your tools..

1 day on a water fast is great.  3 days 72 hrs has dramatic clean-s-e/healing effects and this can regenerate the immune system and reverse things such as immune responses to certain foods, hay fever, al-lergies but remembering that food is not processed, food is grown from the ground and is life force...

True T-RA-n-S-m-U-T-at-ions

Different levels of disease require different lengths.

Can you extend to 3 day???
Share with us your choices and X-per-i-en-ce