Thirsty Thursday

Welcome to Thirsty Thursday..

Today we drink our fruit in the form of juice, Please remember to si-eve the juice to keep the fibre out, the only rule of this day...

If you need recipies go to our recipe section in the LOST ART OF EATING course..

Live in love, vibrant life force is filling the body with light and will L-eave us feeling light B-right and righteous.

We abstain from fibre so we can fill the body with lots of glucose, amino acids and minerals to distill the digestion and bring peace to the sto-mach..  Giving a gap in the load of food and charging our system,

Leaving the blood that would normally be used for digestion to bring healing..

Share your juicing , juices and your journey on the forum as much as you can..

As time flows we move forward in time to Fruity Friday..

We love you family