Satiating Saturday

Good day beautiful X family

We have arrived on Satiating Saturday and its time to create with your imagination, textures, flavours, smells and sights with our unlimited freedom in this moment..

Take no thought, create and try.. We can all share and Learn something to-g-ether to-get-her....

Create trifles, and cakes, smoothies and sweets, yoghurts and fruit bowls, savoury curries, chilli, all from fruit xxx

We want to see how creative you can get.... Can you share with us your amazing foods that could s-a-t-is-phi even the most B-abyl-on eaters on his plane..

We love you so much and really in-joy this day, if you have family or children get them involved ..

Many hands make light work, and much love brings light and power to the field x

X family Uni-ty x

love , light and gratitude x