Mon-o Mon-day X-per-i-en-ce Fr-u-it

Happy Mon-o Mon-day incredible X family...

Wishing you Love, light and peace in this moment and for-eve-R   m-o-re..

Today we eat fruit on its own and not mix fruits, all meals to be mono..

You can change fruit throughout the day and allow at least 30 mins before you eat a different fruit.

Eat an abundance in your mono feeds and really feel the fruit, today if we observe the way we interact with the foods and the way they make us feel, we can learn a lot from this X-per-i-en-ce..

To eat this way is the highest vibrational, most easily assimilated way we can, the true way man-kind was suppose to consume food, the seed bearing fruit in abundance..

Eating fruits mono are very beneficial for building the Good bacteria we need for proper mineral absorption..

You should feel with a clean system the power of your real food, remember to eat ripe 1; for flavour and 2; for most beneficial enzymes, chew well and magnifi-cence..

Stay fed, keep nourished and breathe, come from the self, do not interact with your food from the mind,

slow down,

bring balance and give thanks....

Then eat in-joy

G-ra-c-e x

We love you X family