When should I start my water fasting

This is I'm sure a question that many will have.

There are a few things to take into consideration and that will be around your X MAS du-ties, what you wish to be eating around that period of time and this will be important for your refeeding to allow your body to be comfortable in consuming certain foods.

If you are having traditional cooked food (we only recommend whole foods and making everything from scratch yourself at all times) you will want to break your fast on the 18th and water fast for 3 days until the 21st....  and begin the refeeding process 22nd,23rd,24th..

If you have no due-ties then start water fasting on the 21st and go through until the 24th just in time for Santa to arise up your spine..

and deliver you PRESENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh what a joy it will be alining everyone to this GEOMETRY..

be strong, this is a great clean-s-e and a final push/EL-i-m-in-a-t-ion