We welcome you beautiful family to the X fast

Welcome to the 2021 X fast 

Firstly it is such a pleasure to be here with you in this very moment, present and accepting.. To BE with no Xpectation of any even-T but to X-perience this though ourselves and become wise of what this offers us.

Whether you are new to Fasting, this family or have been here since the start, every cleanse is a new Xperience and in this unity of x family we take no judgment, and action the truth coming to great realisation, building our temples of light in purity as truth.

A key to remember is not to have an Xpectation of how many days you will do, even thought this is a 21 day fast, it is only X-perienced here and now..

Be here present and give no attention to tomorrow, or later.. this Is the greatest practice to freedom (especially being on this fast)

You will connect to a higher space within your self, be sure to remain diligent in your observations..

Well done for joining, your strength, and application of truth will only lead you to Happiness, Health in abundance.

We embark on this journey every sol-s-t-i-c-e to bring stillness, a deep cellular clean-s-e the system, bringing our physical bodies (microcosm) back into alignment with the macrocosm (fields/energy) of our ma-g-net-i-c-s, P-lane-t’s come into the alignment to release a balanced magnetic energy flow .

What could be better than doing it with our X family, our true very special advanced life seekers, freedom, truth and liber-at-ions.

Again, welcome

we love you so very much, and we are here, with you, every step of the way

XFAMUNITY we unite as one by truth with application