Water Fasting information

Here we have reached the water fast, treat your water magickal and show true divine respect to the abilities within this perfect geometric form for life..

it is a very special fluid, see the video attached here.

Please try to use Di-stilled water and copper/silver vessels and for more information on water fasting go to the Lost Art of fasting and take a look.

Take this each day and as you go through, this is a final expel of toxins, and flush of our system that will end this cleanse in such a purifying way.

We feel it is best to do a water fast after the long fast for the best case scenario and will achieve a better result in ones quest for healing, clarity and so much more.

Try to consume 2 to 3 litres of water a day and be very slow in your momentum, if one can arrange these days in such a way you can do very little activity and in a solitary space of peace.

This is a perfect time to c-on-template in this relaxful, peaceful surrendered state.