Time to Stock up on fresh living Juicing Fruits "what we recommend"

As the Juice fast is here and only a few days away, there are a few things we feel that is a key in a easy fast, making sure you maintain a proper level of glucose (energy) and stored levels go glycogen within you muscular system.

The image you can see is the fruits we will be juicing along with Cucumbers.

We made a trip to our local fruit wholesaler and found the correct vendor, this would be one who has riper fruit which has less of a shelve life and is much cheaper. Perfect for juicing.. 

What you see is about 2 days of juicing for Michelle and I - We got around 8 days of supplies for £80. If we chose to go to super markets or even other vendors this could cost triple.

Mon-e-y is a form of energy exchange and is not something to hold to or fear that you are not abundant, through this journey if you let go of that concept within your PERSON and feel the abundance you will transform your real-i-ty this very month.

Can you be free from fear, if all fears are illusions one in fear must be a powerful magician unaware of his/hers true power.

If you have to go to supermarkets try Late shopping past 8pm and you will find incredibly reduced fruit in most cases 80% off and buy it all, try multiple shops and ask the staff get in the stock.

This is your X perience - create the opportunity..


- keep your stock in abundance and in advance 

 - keep your juice flowing into your body every 2 hours even if it is 350 ml.. 500 ml would be great..

 -Drink distilled water though the day, this will aid in flush and won't make you feel over sweet (which we know you all are so very sweet already)

-keep updating and communicating with the family through our live chat, forums and share with your own social channels to spread the wonderful Juice fast truths


love you