This moment we are here and we juice to-g-ether to purity as love in uni-ty


We are so very happy in each moment to share the application of truth.

This is key for continual evolution within ourselves- this is limit-less - Xpansion never stops if you have devotion and will for truth.

Take each moment as it arises and have no expectations of anything.

X-peri-ence and feel, observe and know.. 

we share our love, our creations and our special moments as we go though this journey, use the forum created "X fast" to share along with The telegram also there is a possibility that we are having our own live chat created (out of our hands and in developers)

We have so much to share and in-time the balanced bodies allow for a higher frequency and energy to aline with, absorption of truth will soak you in pure bliss.

Lets juice, feel it , share it, uni-phi and get to know our true beautiful family..

you are never alone here, we are al-one.

be yourself, express yourself, KNOW THY SELF.

Treat your juice/water with the most highest respect - and nurture your very being by being present and attentive to your creating and consumption.

Q & A on Sundays will be there for this to-pic and of course anything else that arises , but utilise this month to give gratitude for the effortless true food for our form in the shape of these incr-edible fruits..

love, healing, light and strength 

we love you X family 

Joshua, Michelle and Little X