Recommendations PREfast

Before the Fast we recommend that one takes some time to evolve the diet working towards the juice fast..
If you chose to go to the fast from a diet of eating out, processed foods and sometimes even from a cooked food diet, a little pain body experience with manifest as a detox of these toxins will need to leave the system.
The fast will do this quite quickly and can bring symptoms of Runny nose, headache, muscle aches...
A raw food diet is the best transition to the fast,
And the best raw food is fruits...
These are the simplest forms of food created and designed for our systems.
There is a very little process in converting to the body's mechanisms.
If you do not and decide to jump in to the fast, be aware of the F-act and except if it occurs. Know that it is not the fruit or the juice making you feel this way - it is the detox.
It is a very common belief within the matrix.

Michelle and I through our Xperiences of multiple fasts have a few recommendations that will make the beginning stages of your fast much more comfort-able and easy for every level of fasting practice..

We are sure most are aware of this, but we will c-over these B-as-i-c-s to the X family here.

If you have been consuming any type of cooked food, 5 days to before it will serve you greatly to stop  and consume raw living foods only, this will stop the hunger pangs and intense feeling of emptiness in your stomach during the first 5 days of your fast.

3 days before your fast - Fruit only and consume this for final 3 days before we begin.. This will push out and old indigested foods, clean the intestine and leave your system very fast allowing the body to become us to  smaller intestinal tract - you will also be losing inflammation, so try to be aware of all of these factors as you go through these coming days.

If you have been using salt try to refrain from this 2 days prior to fasting.

Awareness with your application creates such wisdom and this will stay with you forever.

Lets Hydrate and watch ourselves become 10 years younger, clean the system, vibrate higher, feel bliss and connect to and energy field that is kind with its offerings in 21 days -

love you