L-eve-L-in-g up to a Raw food diet

This is for you if you are coming from a wholefood plant-based diet with cooked food. As this is the next L-eve-L of food evolution.

Great that you are here, making a balanced body for longevity.

This will reduce the bodies temperature and one may feel colder during the winter months.

As humans are the only species on planet earth which cook food, this is going an extra step to the original diet for man.

Many ailments that could not be remedied by wholefood cooked will begin to reverse and you will feel light and active even after eating.

Cooking food kill enzymes which aid is digestion which the body has to then make (this creates lethargy) and will not be experienced any more.

For more information on healing, take a look at the lost art of eating and the lost art of healing in our courses section.

If you are not an incredible raw food chef, now is your time.. Get creative and use our recipes to aid you with ideas- click the link Heal-thy Me-eals for recipes ideas.


If you are going to keep evolving your diet during this Winter Solstice Homeostasis Challenge that is great and we recommend moving onto the next section after at least 7 days raw.

Well done and good luck