L-eve-L-in-g up to a Fruit diete

Now we have aligned with the Human designed diet, the seed yielding fruit is FR-U-IT.

This is so easily assimilated within the body and builds the most beneficial bacteria which is the start of a healthy wholistic body.

Fruit causes no resistance, no metabolic acidosis and is by far the most optimal food to consume when trying to reverse ailments.

Even if you do this for a short period of time, the digestive system gets to rest and recovery can happen very quickly .

Your body deserves 7 days on fruit at least 4 times a year and with a small fasts added in, longevity will be achieved and a very high vibrational s-t-ate..

Maybe you could add after this challenge a few days of juice, just for the extra experience????

Let us know how you feel during your fruit challenge and share your journey with us all on telegram.

This diet includes all raw fruit, mono fruits are the most optimal, but you can still mix and even create cakes/sweet tree-eats.

Well done for reaching this heightened food x-peri-ence creating new connection in the body, leading to r-eve-L-at-ions of the mind and spirit.

Love and light x