Juice Fasting Information

Here we have a section from the Lost Art of Fasting, here you will find all the information one needs to about fasting this was taken from there and everyone who is new or is looking to inform-at-ion please take that course during this month.


The main reason we juice fast is to allow the digestive system to rest, but at the same time filling the body with glucose and an abundance of amino acids, vitamins and minerals to restore what has been lost during poor eating habits, helping to heal and reverse dis-ease.

A lot of our energy is taken by constantly digesting food. The blood flow and energy that is spent usually digesting will be free to flow and heal/recharge the body back up. During a fast, a metamorphosis occurs, as the body undergoes a destroying and rebuilding of damaged materials. Fasting has the ability to rejuvenate and give you a greater connection to the Divine. You will become youthful and your body will start to repair as it dissolves diseased cells in a systematic manner leaving only the healthy tissue. The result is a cleansing of the tube membrane and cellular structures. There is a redistribution of nutrients in the fasting body as it hangs onto minerals and vitamins whilst flushing out the old tissue toxins and inferior materials in each cell of your body. As a complete living entity, It needs a constant supply of oxygen and nourishment.

If you have any of the following symptoms, this means the cells are deprived and they will start to degenerate:

Nutritional deficiencies Feeling sluggish Sedimentary lifestyle Overeating

Poor digestion


Chronic illness

Lack of fresh air Insufficient rest and motion.

The normal process of cell rebuilding slows down and your body starts to become sick and grow old. It's resistance to illness and viruses will diminish and you will become in a state of dis-ease. Large amounts of blood and energy has to be sent to the digestive organs to digest a meal, and if these energies are not required there then they can be used in other areas for healing or cognitive function. The increase in mental clarity doesn't usually happen until after the first 72 hours of a fast because the body is busy cleaning out the excess toxins, so the first few days can be a period of detox symptoms such as;


Aches and pains Candida

Ulcers in the mouth Tummy upset

This makes the first stage of fasting the hardest, but as the body cleanses, the brain is fed by a cleaner bloodstream. The mental powers and clarity are extraordinarily increased and the other senses also become much more acute. The clarity is like nothing you can describe and your abilities are enhanced. You become more alert and open to new heights.

As the mental and physical senses are heightened, there is often a feeling of euphoria especially during longer fasts.

You will experience mental and emotional stability if this is done in the correct way. When we water fast, we completely purify the body, We increase our energy network and our immune function.

Fasting restores the free movement of the vital Chi/prana (life force), helping to eliminate infections and cancer cells, relieving allergies, cleaning the kidneys and bladder and it also helps the heart and can reverse chronic disease. in addition to the health benefits, you feel great. The toxins do not release all at once a longer fast can continue to increase your energy even more but each fast is different and we each follow our own personal times when we experience different symptoms as these toxins release.

It takes at least 72 hours for each organ to eliminate the different toxins that affect it. Fasting without total release may actually be harmful since you are simply moving the toxins throughout the body without eliminating them. We fast for at least 72 hours four times a year on both the solstices and the equinoxes and in-joy intermittently fasting most days. Detoxify your body when mother nature naturally changes season and cleanses the Earth.

The change of seasons is of significance for health maintenance and we should eat the fruits of each season, preferably grown by ourselves, to ensure physical, mental and spiritual health during the time of year that follows. But remember, that the only reason man has been scattered away from the equator and can survive all seasons is down to busi-ness (commerce). This wisdom has been proven throughout many centuries.

Fasting in different seasons will have different effects on how your body detoxifies based on the elements. This is why each fast is different as we detoxify. Drink as

much distilled water as you need for a day so that you can flush all of the toxins from your system. If you have never fasted before, starting with a juice fast is important, then followed by water.

Please note that any fasting Journeys should be embarked upon with care and preparation. Please make sure that you are truly ready and have made the correct preparation steps before starting and breaking any fast..

Simple juice fasting information

Some amazing benefits of Orange juice:

🍊Great to boost your immune system

🍊Improves digestive health

🍊Lowers the risk of cancer

🍊Protects the cardiovascular system

🍊Prevents kidney diseases

🍊Assists in weight loss

🍊Cleanses the skin

🍊Improves eyesight

🍊Incredible healing properties

🍊Prevents hair loss

🍊Balances cholesterol levels

🍊Is a natural anti-inflammatory

Juicing helps to give the digestive system a rest therefore helping to heal and rejuvenate the body.

Super benefits of fasting include:

▪️Mental clarity improves

▪️Loosing excessive weight

▪️Your energy increases

▪️Less sleep and feel more refreshed 

▪️Immunity is strengthened

▪️Healing is accelerated

▪️Your skin becomes soft and silky

▪️You’ll experience a greater ease of movement

▪️Breathing becomes fuller, freer and deeper

▪️Taste buds and sensed clear up

▪️Metabolism improves

▪️Cell oxygenation is being restored

▪️Fecal matter in the colon is being dissolved

▪️Your digestive system gets rejuvenated and becomes more effective

▪️Detoxification that occurs during a detox is eliminating those things that allow disease to set in: fat cells, plaques, mucus, tumors and stored up worries and emotions

▪️Body fat is breaking down and releasing fat-stored chemicals (such as pesticides, drugs, etc.), which will re-enter the blood and then be eliminated

▪️Elimination of toxins

▪️Accelerated reduction of total body toxicity



Get ready to feel S-uper !!!