Welcome to the X family community fast June 2023 ** The Summer Solstice Challenge is to Oneself **

As we begin, it is very important to note that we apply our self to our own ability.
So if you are new or even have been fasting for some time ,there is no need to commit to the full 21 days make it a personal choice.

You can use this time to evolve ones diet, bring a higher vibrational state within the body and get out of certain eating habits, whatever you desire.

There are many different approaches to Fasting and is as individual as a each and everyone.
This is a time for cleaning, healing, balancing as we are working with the energies that aline in the unseen Realm.
It is also a great way to lose weight, hydrate, heal, feel great, connect to one's self and nature.

One will find great EL-eve-at-ion with Xpansion in forms of Clear mind, less thought forms,  an ability to be more present, less reactive, light in the body and digestive system.
We advise during this time to merge this fast with the Practice of the Lost art of Virtues...
Break the boundaries of any fears, anxieties, depression - essentially all Illusions.

Use some Q & A's to help clear what is causing the energy of emotional content...
It is the journey of Solo-mon (The Solo One)

In-joy the high conscious community Chat and get involved in the XFAMUNITY TELEGRAM a link to this will follow in the course.
Good luck, be strong, patient and go in with no expectations.
Keep attention off the streams of thought forms and into the moment that is experienced, life is in-joyed here no matter what is happening as one will only suffer in thought (a dream within the Dream)
Love and light