Day 1-3 L-eve-L up

On the First 3 days of this challenge use it as a time to prepare for the Fast, so we L-eve-L up on the food we have been consuming recently.

This can be done before this challenge if you wish to do the whole 21 days.


Lets get started

If you have been consuming processed cooked foods we challenge you to L-eve-L up by....

**Removing all processed foods and L-eve-L-in-g up to a whole food plant based diet**

If you have been consuming whole foods but cooking, you could L-eve-L up by

** only consuming whole food raw foods**

If you have been consuming raw whole foods try to L-EVE-L up by...

*Removing all negative prana foods such as onion, garlic, chilli mushroom and all nightshades from your system*

If you have reached that stage, you can L-eve-L up by

** Only consuming raw living Fruits**

If you have reached Raw living Fruits you can L-eve-L up by Starting your 21 day fast now !!!


**Where are you?? Were very interested, Let us know in the TELEGRAM GROUP...