We must say that we are not in any way trained by the medical industry but have had many years of X-peri-ence with aiding and observing thousands of beings shift in wellness, recover from diseases and elevate awareness to such peaceful states. This is who we are and are grateful to share this space with you.

Make sure that you are in absolute control of your choices and embark on this journey by choice. We share our journey and the limitless benefits it has brought us and others.

Your true wisdom will come from your experience in application of your be-lie-Fs, then a great knowing is found in synchronising all of what has been found.

Ask yourself, am I here to heal a chronic disease, am I here to just X-Peri-ence with community, am I here to find peace, balance and purify in my body?

Never judge yourself, allow the freedom to in-joy all your experiences.  You are here, past and future do not exist, can never exist and will never exist. They are all but concepts formed by the ego to interpret each moment for you from memory. Identifying with these thoughts is the cause of all suffering as one is separate from the moment, the moment which has no strings attached, just experiencing the now.

Try to use our Telegram for support, keeping the community with your journey for encouragement and use the Q&As for any questions or guidance you may need.

This challenge is for yourself, to improve and gain wisdom on how certain food systems make you feel to know the power of food as a medicine/healer bringing re-cognition to the true sickness causing foods (all processed foods).

If you are coming from a processed diet, try the evolution within the course, wholefood cooked for 7 days, raw for 7 days and then finally fruit for 7.

If that is too much too soon, then just change your eating habits one step up and do this for the 21 days.

Its ok if you eat or break your fast even if it's for 1 meal, try to eat fruit and then if your wish to return to the fast, do so (this is absolutely fine).

Be kind to yourself, it will not serve one who is constantly in thought, battling themselves, should I, shan't i, I wish I could, I wish I didn't....

Leave that stream of thought alone and give your attention to the present moment fully, they soon pass.

Within an aligned body, dis-ease should never be an issue. If you want to learn more about fasting, take a look at our course the Lost Art Of Fasting.

The Lost Art of Fasting

The key for a great fasting X-peri-ence is to be free from unwanted thoughts,  desires and experience the moment fully with virtue and as love transforming awareness from content to the field.

You have to the power to chose... Let all be Righteous with right-choices.  L-earn to find the Moment this fast, live in gratitude for all you have and leave any ideas of what you don't have alone. L-eve-L up mastery of EL-EVEN 11 and balance the body, mind and spirit, while you are fasting as a practice and keep working to EL-i-m-in-ate  personal identity for you liber-at-ion..

What a blessing to be able to this fast together.

You are the creator,  your application and devotion to the truth all of the universe will reveal itself to you.