Raw Nice Cream Cookies

1 coconut large mature
20 Medjool dates
4 TBS of carob powder
Step 1
Crack the coconut and extract the meat
Step 2
If you can peel the husk from the coconut meat so you only have the white coconut meat then use a food processer and process until as fine as it will go.
Step 3
Wash and de-seed the dates then blend them with a little water (30ml)
Step 4
Add the coconut, dates and carob all together and use a hand blender to blend.
Step 5
Make sure all the mixture is completely merged together.
Step 6
Roll the mixture into medium sized balls then flatten into cookies shapes.
Step 7
Pop into the freezer.
Step 8
After 3 to 4 hours injoy the chewy nice cream cookies.
Let us know if you make them and injoy the exact replica of the babylon food with healing healthy ingredients, children and adults will love these of all eating habits...
Have a beautiful day x