Wel-co-me to the recipe course, this month we will be creating the lost art of fruit based heal-thy me-als.

Each day for the next month we will be providing a new recipe to aid, inspire and s-how we can create the flavours  of  "b-abyl-on/worldly" foods to in-joy and experience satiating senses and bring wonderful non toxic (acid forming) foods.

This leads to a life of freedom from disease and brings body balance.

There will be many different aids for one seeking to create uniquely, through our fruits/herbs a way into the hearts of many.

If we have children, partners, friends, family - this art will surely find its way into the hearts while discovering "real" food with "real" flavours.

condiments, to cakes, ice creams to curries.. you will find it here.

So together, lets keep everyone informed on what you create, what you are trying, testing or have found out and build the gnosis and art of food fit for the kings and queens that you all are.

be sure to download the pdf and take a read as we delve into more purity with this course

love you all x