L-eve-L-in-g up to a whole food plant based diet

If you have been eating processed shop bought meals, crisps, sweets, yoghurt, meat, milk, eggs, bread, cheese, ketchup, mayo, microwave meals, frozen foods then this challenge is for you!!!!

A whole food plant-based diet is essentially eating foods as they are, without being processed or refined/manufactured with no additives or preservatives.

This diet is proven to reverse heart disease and many other ailments that persist with the Western World Diet such as, inflammation, Chron's disease, I.B.S, Diabetes, Obesity, cancers and the list goes on..

This diet is the foundation of all the body's food and no other food products are fit for human consumption.

I recommend you delve deep into the functions and requirements of the body and the issues of processed food and how its produced, this will expand your awareness to this basic gnosis aiding with evolution.

So you can cook, eat raw and cooked mixed and in-joy all the fruits and vegetables, herbs, spices known to MAN..

If you are not an incredible chef, now is your time.. Get creative and use our recipes to aid you with ideas- click the link Heal-thy Me-eals for recipes ideas.


Good luck, In-joy, Share your meals with us on your Instagram or Telegram group and feel free to work your way up the food system this Solstice Homeostasis Challenge