Introduction - Welcome

Welcome Beautiful X family, you are all doing the GREAT WOR-K. The only journey that X-pands and evolves our awareness to Liber-at-ion and peace

Firstly, it is such a pleasure to be here with you in this very moment, present and accepting. To BE with no X-pectation of any Even-T but to X-perience this through ourselves and become wise of what this offers us.

By being here, you will be embarking on a food/juice journey. Which leads us to congratulate you on the level of mastery you have acquired to get you here.

With the Galactic alignment of the solstice, this brings a balanced field that surrounding us, we at the X family choose to fast to align our bodies geometry with the external for maximum benefit of cleansing a cleaning the system.

There will be lots of you that have done this before and I'm sure there are a few newbies to this.

Our community has valuable knowledge and will always be able to point you in the right directions.

This winter Solstice we have the usual juice fast challenge and also a level up in food vibration for the 21 days for those that are not wanting to fast at this time.

So allow your freedom of choice and go with the flow in each moment and really in-joy  im-proving your eating habits that will bring you such precious gifts, like more clarity, fat loss, healing of the gut, reversal of some ailments you may have acquired and a vibration that is higher in body frequency shifting you to a higher field which the contents within bring much more joy to experience..

Thank you for being with us, let this be the start of the GREAT NEW YEAR 2023 and EL-eve-8 yourself beyond imag-in-at-ion.

Good luck on any choice you make and keep focused.

Love you so much