Our X-raise yogi system.

(Union, Clarity, Stillness)



Wel-co-me to the  X-Raise yogi..

The X-Raise journey will help raise the vibration of our uni-verse as an individual and collective consciousness to-get-her.

We have a system of breathing and stretching that has worked for us as a part of (yoga) a union system of the body, mind and spirit function.

The stillness that comes from incorporating this in your day is incredible,

This also allows the nerve endings to fire and connect to the full mechanics of the body for full function and signalling, restoring and reconnecting dormant functions, Aiding in healing and rehabilitation while keeping one mobile and agile.

Breathing helps enable and improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being will clear emotional, and physical B-locks bring great clarity, alertness and increased mind-body connection. This also brings awareness to breath and mastery of consciousness can begin.

Once one has mastery over this, incredible things can happen (separation from body as consciousness, ego death and much more)

This is mainly focused on stretching with a small amount of breathing techniques. We focus on breathing techniques as we progress we gain more awareness and control over our system.

It is important to allow the time in your day, preferably to start as your day will be effortless being in the right space internally.

There is a video to show you with a pdf booklet  guide with drawings and instructions to help.

Step 1 

Watch the video

Step 2

Download the pdf

Step 3

Start the yoga system and we suggest maybe starting with a smaller amount of time on each exercise and adding more time on each Week/month as you have integrated this into your life. 

Stick to this course and focus on this for one month before doing another course if you have not already got some system of stretching/yoga in your daily routine.

If you are following our recommended path to the upgrade in awareness courses, you should have the raw living foods into your lifestyle now and free from bad food pain body, and now it's time to bring this into your daily life..