K-in-d-ness Virtue with Act-ion

The virtue K-in-d-ness is the fruit of the s-our-c-e within our true di-vine being and glows as the golden au-ra that surrounds us.

The fruit grows with the infinite kindness and love we give out onto the earth, this gets channelled straight back to the heart space within.

It can also be seen as "Do unto all as you would have them do unto you."

Mark 12:31

"Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself."

Our X Etymology of K-in-d  k = 11 balance of the temple, in, d = form

To be kind is to be balanced in form..

The virtues give us the power to be balanced, bring us to the righteous path and en-able us to establish and nurture the magick connection of the divine within us, others and the infinite.

Often as we face obstacles and the thoughts arise when living with Ego, we identify with the experiences via the pain body becoming unconscious and allowing the programmes of ego/survival to take over and not from Self, which is awareness and comes by acceptance and surrendering to that moment that just is (which comes by faith in knowing that everything is happening by the grace of God for you for your awakening, not too you, by chance). WE MUST REMAIN CONSISTENT AND BRING THE BALANCE, the scales of judgement tips and the path of choice, if one is consciously making a choice Choose the virtue, if one is unconscious the sin is taken....

This is where the practice of the virtues is our true gift. As we continue to make these changes the thoughts will be observed and balance will be restored, by the actions we consciously take - we el-eve-8.

Kindness creates many ripples through the earth, everything we do creates an equal balance based on the energy, frequency and vibration, that we carry and give out...

So what we do, say and feel/emote/intend/project, effects not only our own life, but the whole earth (as we truly are one with it as all is co-s-m-i-c awareness and a projection from i)


Luke 6:35-36

"But love your enemies, do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return. Your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High; for he is kind to the ungrateful and the wicked. Be merciful, just as your F-ather is merciful"

Kindness connects to all hearts s-how-in-g Love and the qualities of having an em-path-e-t-i-c, helpful and considerate nature will ultimately be reciprocated back to you within the universe (a keen observer will see this subtle light exchange)

It begins in the heart space, flows and is rooted in love.  Our value in life should not be measured by the material possessions we have acquired, but by the kindness we share and the hearts we have Embraced .

The things we have acquired are just attachments, the more attachments the more problems iss/ues (is you's)

Ahimsa - 'cause no injury' including your actions, words, and thoughts.

all living beings have the spark of the divine spiritual energy within and therefore, to hurt another being is to hurt oneself. Ahimsa is related to the way in which any violence has a karmic action attached.

If you sometimes have trouble, look at life in such a way, that all eyes are windows to the Realm, all eyes are connected to God/awareness, if you hurt a fly, you hurt yourself and as awareness - you are watching your person- harm creation unconsciously thus hurting yourself.

This will ripple.... Until source has been found.

Ahimsa is the highest Dharma,

Ahimsa is the greatest teaching.

But all teachings still there is one space past all teachings.

We will be taking you all there

Ultimate Liber-at-ion.

The way we can reciprocate kindness

Encourage other beings to grow,

Offer charity where needed

Be aware or  karma / actions that cause ripples in the universe

let go of old programs and take care of all life, including you.

Give empathy and compassion to all situations that arise

Purify your being of greed, anger and delusional thoughts then naturally and spontaneously kindness appears.

We would love to t-ask you to overcome a b-lock through this kindness virtue...

And see everything as mystical and God.

Look at everything as if you were faced with God in matter.

Everything has such intricacies, don't let them go a miss, look at your family, pets, friends, enemy and see what they are....

Appreciate right down to the beating of their heart and the challenge they present you in identifying reaction from your ego, that all is life.

Fall into the surrender of everything, that it is life and creation - pure divinity is here in every moment.. Don't get the moment be on a feedback look from the person /ego....


Everything has a vibration and is part of "the one" the divine and all is how it should be right here right now and just "is" for us as and when we need it...

Top tip

Instead of looking at the bad aspects of others,

Stop that function..

Look for the kindness in everything, share that...

If one see's one gossip...

Stop and project the kindness that can be found.

Also if you see your person fall into the awareness trap of the world and negativity that is projected from that,

See it, stop it and remember

How loving, kind, sharing, abundant is our m-other Earth...

She is love x




K-in-D-ness vs E-n-v-Y

To live with the Virtue of K-in-d-ness is to be a higher vibration again raising past the egos domination of Envy.

Means caring for all life as to know you are one in the same, being kind and friendly with all energy welcoming with bliss.

Kindness is abundance and is one of the biggest energy influencers of all, the inspiration that is carried to others by a kind act destroys darkness and fills the heart with joy.

Begin a ripple to create a starts with you.

Doing good to others without pre-judice is kind...

But never forget to be kind to yourself.

Drop the egoic thought, it is destructive and unkind to your Self. It will try to gain control of your emotion to teach you that to be sinful is pain across all of exsistance.

Man is kind. Personified man can be Cruel and Envy will halt energetic progression to ultimate liber-at-ion..

To live with the Vice/Sin of Envy is an emotional b-lock that breaks the flow of energy that raises ones vibrations to a higher per-cept-ion to reach enlightenment (no thought, no judgement, no ego)

Envy reveals itself as a desire for a superior quality, possesion, achieve-ment..

And the want for this or the wish that the other will lose it..

Envy is felt as pain by the envious ones sight at anothers good for-tune by thoughts such as i deserve that or I ought to have this.

This is one of the most potent causes of unhappiness and negative feelings,

Not only does one feel unhappy and negative but may also wish to inflict misfortune on others informs of emotional abuse and vio-lent acts..

Envy is the driving force of commercial system and is endured to KEEPING UP APPEARENCES.

Throw out the money changers

Take no mind to Thought..

Do not love the world or any thing in it.

Be one and love the Earth...  

It will ground and charge you electric beings to full magnetic fields of love...

We love you so much

Have a wonder-ful day