POST-ure Correct-ion Co-ur-s-e Exercises 4,5&6

Part 2 Of the post-ure correction course.

Please watch this video

And use the pdf link provided to keep as a man-u-al..

We have exercises 4,5 and 6 here to continue to correct the common imbalance in the forward rotating shoulders from slouching, curved sitting positions, phone neck (looking down) and many other unconscious actions of posture this is Gnown as Thoracic Kyphosis, forward head, less common lumbar lordosis and sway back.  

Exercise 4 wall sits 

Exercise 5 shoulder side lift with arm raise 

Exercise 6 side bend with stretch  

This is going to continue to strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight muscles.. Keep this up for this month, do this for 1 day, and then move on the next group of exercises. Stay with them rotating every 5th day back to the beginning for one month example day 1 = exercises 1,2,3 , day 2 =  exercises 4,5,6, day 3 = exercises 7,8,9, day 4 exercises 10,11,12, day 5 exercises 13,14,15 and day 6 exercises back to 1,2,3..

Stay present in this m-o-ment , practice virtues, eat super natural and continue with the yoga… By now if you began with the food and worked your way through, you light will be b-righter than ever and access to high fields/dimensions will be avail-able at this time, keep observing and allowing.. .

 Lots more to come. Love and light.. Thankyou for all your love and support have a wonderful day x family