Post-ure Correct-ion Co-ur-s-e 3 with exercise 7,8 & 9

Good day family and W-EL-co-me ..

Here is the 3rd video for the post-are correct-ion with the exercises 7,8 & 9.

Continue with this into your r-out-in-e for the next 5 days to feel the benefits of correct standing, straight sine wave spine and better signalling for the magnetic body 

Exercises are:

7, is plank pike ..

8, is shoulder front raise with high lift..

9, is a side neck stretch… 

We can't express how beneficial this will be for the Great work, Posture is overlooked, underrated AND MISUNDERSTOOD.

Well done for incorporating this into your life and taking this action will be true empowerment.

Remember to stay present, this is true p-ower.... 

Stay here and see the separation of thoughts, emotion, body, mind from the observer..

Be the observer

Magic is real