POST-U-R-E Introduction


The position of your body whilst standing, sitting, walking, lying (resting), exercising and any other positions we adopt day-to-day can alter the way we use our muscles therefore having a direct impact on the musculoskeletal system causing imbalances that will affect the muscles directly making them either "short and tight" or "long and weak". As a secondary problem the function of the joints, ligaments and tendons may also become painful, loose or tight as the incorrect adopted posture applies unnecessary pressure on that specific area... This will have long (and short) term effects on different areas of the body as you try to compensate for that area of injury, pain or imbalance.

For the optimum post-ur-al position in which we can move or rest without pain from the muscles, joints or pressure on any of the systems of the body, we need to adopt the correct posture. This is where the energy and breath can flow freely with ease and comfort, creating a peaceful, harmonic, balanced state where the spirit can connect through the vessel back to the most high through the letting go of all that is physical, to find that space of true harmonic home-o-stasis.

The benefits of ensuring correct posture:

Optimises circulation and breathing.

Correct alignment so that the muscles and joints are being used properly and efficiently.

Reduces the amount of stress on the ligaments, joints and spine.

Increased flexibility.

Prevents fatigue.

Decreased joint problems that can lead to inflammation or arthritis.

Pain free body.

Factors that can affect posture:


Lack of awareness with the body actions

Extended time in one position

Improper lifting / carrying techniques

Overuse of muscles with incorrect posture

Weak / tight muscles

Single sided activities

Body type / overweight

Sedentary lifestyle / inactivity / sloth

Incorrect posture can also be linked to other factors such as confidence or situations of embarrassment from past or present. Spinal flexion (Bent over, crouches curve spine) is common when there is pain or trauma present and when any protection is needed.

For an ideal posture imagine a line from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. To find this "line", try to A-lign your heels, calves, bottom, shoulder blades and back of the head flat against a wall. At first this may not feel like a "pain-free'' ideal posture, however with practice this will greatly improve the interaction with all of the systems in the body bringing a natural balance and harmony within and without.

Day to day activ-i-ties

Try to consider the length of time you are in any one position as the longer you are in that particular position the l without perfect symmetry, the more the pain can start to develop and over time can lead to chronic pain or repetitive stress/strain injuries (rsi).

By achieving this h-a-r-mon-i-c, balanced POST-U-R-E (body) with mind, spirit function, we can create an open, free channel of divine energy and re-spiration flow, raising of the sacred k-undalin-i oil within, and all-owing connections to the true, di-vine most we experience this opening and freedom we gain more control over the balance of the physical and this allows further s-ur-r-ender (or letting go) of the egoic state where we can then be-co-me one with the universal source.

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