1st and 2nd T-ask Post-ure correction

Task 1

(See the "a-lign your spine" picture)

Stand against a flat straight wall for 90 seconds 3 times per day...

Try to A-lign your heels, calves, bottom, shoulder blades and back of the head flat against the wall.

**Avoid any longer periods of time at first just allow the body to adjust and make these subtle but necessary changes needed to enable greater long term benefits on this magickal wholistic journey**

Task 2

(See posture chart)

Identify any weaknesses or imbalances with this simple check sheet provided, either print or use an app to draw a circle around the areas as we will be checking the progression at the end of the course.

After 3 days of practice move on to the next step to continue to bring in postural perfection... x-balance...

We love you so much