The lost art of HeaL-in-G intro

Welcome to the healing protocols

Good day, beautiful being on your journey in life, as everything in life, you are exactly where you need to be at this moment for your expansion of your awareness… We welcome you and support you and truly know this is the way to restoring health.

1st thing is you need to get the food right, the system free from dis-ease so the rest of your journey is not slowed down by the physical pain body that we experience with improper eating for our bodies.

Whether you have Chronic illness such as Cancer, Leukemia, aids, herpes, or ibs , M.E chronic fatigue, skin issues, obesity, brain fog, seizures, heavy metal toxicity, poisoning, diabetes, arthritic joints, you will be only offered treatment, which in most cases adds to the toxicity within your system shortening your lifespan further, and as there is no nutrition in a trained dr and will rarely be advised to change your diet 1st, second to that it will be a standard western diet format which is not the truth or correct fuel for our system.

In any switch to a higher vibrational eating/lifestyle we suggest you go through each of the protocols to experience each level of food and this will bring in a knowing in you , rather than a be-lie-f.. This is wisdom and nothing will be able to sway you..

We suggest if you are looking to raise your function and awareness in a rapid F-a-s-h-ion this is the place to start.. With the correct food/f-u-el for your system you will become super natural just by being SUPER NATURAL. F-oo-D matter looking at form, food is your form and you will have a junk dna with junk food and live living dna a light with living food… make this shift you will never regret the new feeling of life…. Please have faith in this..

Please work your way from 1 to 5 and the back from 4 to where you choose to sit and stay within your vibration at this time, you will have a nervous system and a key immune system reset, and you will feel this so profoundly.

If after this you still require assistance please reach out and we can have a 1 on 1 chat and see where we can help further. But mostly all will remedy.. Some issues may remain in the mind body connection where dis-ease is being created by extreme thinking/beliefs.

We wish you all the best on your healing course.. Be sure to join the forum and share and connect with others on the journey too..

We love you very very much …

Stay strong. This is your journey and only you can walk this walk.

Love, light, strength and gratitude.. 

X Family