Stage 1


This eating protocol will heal many dis-eases, you will lose weight, feel great and have a higher vibration if one is moving from a commercial diet and is not on whole foods..

We suggest that when trying to raise your awareness or heal from non terminal dis-eases such as ibs, crohn's disease, eczema and other skin diseases, early diabetes and a lot of the time, all diabetes, some cancers/leukemia but may need more purity with next level of eating on stage 2….

As soon as you stop putting in Meat, dairy, sugar, oil, processed foods, yeast you will not be getting any worse and you have time so do not stress…

This is a journey,  if you have chosen to go with pharmaceuticals we suggest you work with your doctors to come off these , as treatment is not a cure and causes lots of acidity and poor function..

We need to use the food as our medicine and let the body renew and clean-s-e. Simple, we have all watched our cuts heal, our body will do the same everywhere.

We suggest coming from eating a western diet, this should be followed first in any case for 2 strongs(weeks) or followed for 6 strongs (weeks) and see how your ailment is healing/healed.

But recommend doing each protocol for 14 days from stage 1 to 4 and the 3,2,1 doing 12 days on each and this will remedy pretty much everything…

Good luck we love you so much


For any and all recipe ideas please use our recipes provided (times are rough guided for you)

Upon rising

Distilled copper water

300 ml

30 mins later 

500 ml of your favourite freshly made juice

1hour later

Smoothie of your choice



3 banana 1 mango 1 small avocado with 100ml orange juice

Lunch 2-3 hours later

A meal from our raw food section

Keep this meal raw if you can



1 cucumber chopped 

2 avocados mashed with few chopped chives and salt

2 vine tomatoes and a red pepper…… chop, squirt some lemon and mix…. Garnish with coriander... 


Snack 2 hours later

Orange juice 500ml  or a small 500ml  smoothie 


D-inner 1 to 2 hours

A meal from our cooked food section 

Go half raw half cooked if you can… if not a wholefood cooked meal is great here.

Please feel free to make a raw pudding for after..


Before bedtime

If you are hungry have a Juice and if not drink 300ml of copper water.

Make sure you do not add in anything non whole food, no drinks, no bread, no sugar, no oil, no jars, no packages, no alcohol, no-thing..

If you want to heal you must gain control..

We love you so much and suggest you join the forum to find people on a healing journey and share  and support each other, we are also here active on the forums to help..

You will heal , you are health…. Have faith and if you need further healing go to stage 2 healing protocol.