What happens during a fast

During our time on this plane, we have been accustom to and conditioned by the conditions of our environment..

Being duality and a world full of deceit, nearly everyone has been surrounded by a false system which includes the very fundamentals of our survival "food"..

Having a diet that is not fruit, cooked, processed, animal products our system is constantly digesting food... All of these non foods that are consumed take a very long time to digest and eliminate, which means our system never gets a chance to rest.

The foods that are not fruits (living enzymes/glucose based/coded amino acids) in the conversion cause metabolic acidosis, causing the body to buffer this with alkalinity which in turn causes calcium and other minerals to be depleted from the body weakening bones and the entire system.

When we fast, we are abstaining from fibre/matter and any digestion, note that the digestion process takes a lot of energy which its load will be reduced and a lightness will be felt. Bringing the intestines and bowels to a rest, there is a stillness which allows blood that would normally be used in the digestive tract to be elsewhere, repairing/healing..

We can Juice fast which keeps us in Glycogenesis (Glycogenesis takes place when blood glucose levels are sufficiently high to allow excess glucose to be stored in liver and muscle cells) Juice keeps us clean and clear in the digestive tracts, and feeds the body with energy/minerals/amino acids - this will bring a level of clarity and healing that will aid in many ailments such as , irritable bowel syndrome, chron's disease, hypertension, parasites, blocked bowels, dehydration, brain fog, depression, anxiety, laziness, most skin ailments (not all, one may need to water fast) and for some other chronic diseases such as m.s, cancers etc.

We suggest along with a living plant based diet, you can alternate and experience this for yourself (the key to knowing and empowerment)

We can water fast, where after day 2-3, once our body has used all of the glucose and glycogen our body goes into ketosis and no longer uses glucose, there is a switch to a system of Gluconeogenesis and is the process of the formation of glucose from noncarbohydrate sources.

Here after 72 there is a regeneration which begins to happen with the cells, a cleaner/sweeper/tranformation of disfunctional/disformed/dis-eased cells this is called Autophagy....
A great clean-s-e is on the way x

Please Fast responsibly and we recommend one starts with 1 day water fasts and then increasing each time to get to know your body and the fasts.