Getting started

Fasting Course

Step 1

Join the fasting forum to share, interact with our community on the same journey as you and to ask any questions and find support.

Step 2

Watch the following fasting videos:

Step 3

Read all of the information in the fasting section provided, what happens during a fast, benefits of fasting, why we fast and how to refeed after a fast.

Step 4

Know if you are going into a fast or progressively working towards a fast, for example go to a raw food plan for 7 to 14 days , then a smoothie fast for 3 days into a 3 day juice fast or a 21 day fast...

Step 5

Prepare your cup-boards, stock up on fruit and make sure you have all the equipment you are going to need to make this as easy as possible.

Step 6

Bring it to life, good luck ….

We love you and look forward to your vibrancy lighting up the world forevermore xxxx