Benefits of fasting


Fasting is often thought of as starvation & many beings find it hard to grasp the thought of going without food for any period of time, even though the abstinence from food can have a profound effect on the body, mind and spirit. We are able to relieve the self of digestion & eliminate waste, it can concentrate more of its energy on repairing & healing. If the fast is long enough, it has the power to heal the body of dis-ease & reverse most illnesses.

A fast requires awareness as you will abstain from all foods and drinks except water for a period of time or until the natural return of hunger. Fasting is a conscious decision made for the purpose of giving the digestive tract a vacation and the benefits that come from this process.  When food is consumed, extra blood is required for the process of digestion & as the body can only attend to one task at a time it often has to divert its attention to the process of digestion. If you exercise immediately after eating, the process of digestion is neglected to focus on the main task of providing extra blood to the vital organs during the exercise. This prohibits digestion or the food is simply left to ferment causing indigestion and if continued over a period of time, may lead to more serious symptoms or dis-ease.

During a fast, any stored material that remains in the digestive tract as well as adipose tissue & glycogen are utilized first. Once these reserves are depleted, non-essential tissues are used for the preservation & ability of the vital organs to function effectively, after which the body begins to break down dead or diseased tissue.  Dead cells and tumor-like growths are absorbed & eliminated. The various kinds of tumors that exist are made up of bone, tissue & flesh.

For example a lump in the breast, a neoplasm (new growth) may be nothing more than an enlarged lymphatic or mammary gland. Fasting is the most profound & effective method possible to facilitate the breakdown of a tumor whether benign or malignant & it is a safe process that presents no danger at all.

Repair of the body happens a lot more rapid during a fast as the tissues, organ and cells undergo a complete internal metamorphosis

The list of benefits is endless.