21 Day Juice Fast Challenge

W-eL-co-me to the X family 21 day juice fast Challenge

We embark on this journey every sol-s-t-i-c-e to bring stillness, deep cellular clea-s-e and bring our physical bodies microcosm back into alignment with the macrocosm of our Ea-r-t-h-s ma-g-net-i-c-s, P-lane-t’s come into the alignment to release a correct magnetic energy flow we want to be able to be receptive enough to align with it.

When there is a certain geometry/alignment/balance within any system of this creation, light/p-L-as-ma/prana/life force will always be released.. This state is di-polarism.

We are not just fasting for health at this stage we are fasting for truth, clarity, clairvoyance and the supernatural abilities that lay dormant in most beings as they are too far removed from being S-uper Natural.

Our body can be electric/hot/destructive/degrading to death or cool/magneto-dielectric/reciprocating/healing/life giving…

With our website you will be taken through everything you need with ur co-ur-s-e-s to co (join) ur - sine wave to the aether…

And become the magnetic being From the A-alpha state to the Z-ion Omega…

To bring in the uni-on to at-one-ment…

After a 21 day juice clea-s-e you will function at such a clear clarity and high vibration, something one must experience at least once if you see-k truth, but do recommend a 3 day water fasting period to fully clean the lymphatic system and dump any excess minerals that may need it.

Water is the highest fast and if we know what water is and does to our system should be respected to the highest degree..

If you need more info please see our section on water and check out some of our videos.

Make sure you have read the fasting info, watched our videos and joined the fasting forum..

We are all here to support you and well done for bringing yourself here, 

We love and respect you beyond all me-a-sure.

Love the X family