What is the best water to drink?

To us, there is nothing more pure than distilled water. It's a natural thing that would happen within the rain. Well, unfortunately the skies have been sprayed with pollutants since 1917, Patent 1338 343, and the clouds aren't necessarily naturally formed anymore. Tap water is not a very good source of water. It is recycled and cleaned via a chemical process, and fluoridation is a key element to this process. Fluoride is a neurotoxin and should be avoided. There are many other chemicals; heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, aluminium, arsenic, barium, lead, antibiotics, and hormones all in trace elements, but they do accumulate and cause dis-ease within the system.

If we can distill water in a copper distiller, this is the ultimate source of water.

If you are distilling yours in a modern-day distiller that has been made from stainless steel, then it would be best (once the distiller has given you a certain amount of water) to store it in a copper vessel for 1 - 10 hours. Then put in a glass container. Now, this glass container will carry water with only the memory from the copper vessel, negatively-charged magnetically and this will allow your body to pull all the positively charged ions outside or balance them. It is important that our water has space. The more memory space that water has, the more ability it has to uptake unwanted positive charged particles, neutralise them and clean the system. The more parts per million inside the water, the less chance you have of cleaning the system.

Ultraviolet light is incredible for water. And if you're able to, just place it into the sunlight. Before you drink any water put an amazing intent into it and you will find this structure will be the most healing. If you have not come across the experiments done with water by Dr Emoto, then please take a look. This is why prayer and blessings have been used since ancient times.

A copper distiller

Water structure and emotions/words

72% of the human body is WATER...

Treat it with care… IT IS MEMORY

Take a look at how water is affected by its memories, words and vi-b-ra-t-ions =

(microcosm and macrocosm balanced in consciousness with the 2 s-ons in physical ions) X etymology 

If we are 72% water and our vibrations have a huge impact on the water around us we need to make every effort to spread love, compassion and peace to all beings. 

Yesss guys this includes ALL living beings.

Leonardo Da Vinci said: “Water is the driving force of nature“. The element of water can exist in three forms: liquid, solid and gaseous.

We say that water is life and everything is just different densities of water, life is W-ate-R, a very special element misunderstood by science for now..

Water has memory, by some unexplained mechanism it manages to “save” information, much like a computer.

Experiments have shown that water “accepts” and “saves” any outside influence. It “keeps” and “remembers” anything that happens in its surrounding environment, and anything that comes in contact with water leaves a mark in it.

The structure of water IS affected by our emotions and words.

Scientific studies have shown that water, not only has memory but its structure is affected by the emotions of people. The water molecules change their position when they interact with positive or negative emotions and words. Scientists concluded that water molecules act as memory cells and record the entire history of interaction with the outside world.

Treat it with care! There are numerous things you can do to help the quality and bring it back to perfection.  I've listed a few things you can do to help in my previous post but here are a few:

▪Keep it in a copper vessel overnight ▪Avoid tap water

▪Use distilled water

▪Treat it with care

▪Write positive words on or near the glass or vessel ▪Sing or play positive music around it

▪Swirl the water into a vortex before drinking ▪Make a heart shape with your hands around the glass or vessel ▪Send positive thoughts and words to the water


Dr emoto examples




This is a great documentary if you have time to watch: 

How we treat/love our water

Video to give inspir-at-ion and heightened perceptions towards the water that surrounds us and we put into our bodies.