The re-feed after the fasting…

Once we have done a fast, we should be conscious of what we need to do after. What we re-feed our body with is essential for good gut bacteria/flora and the trillion microbiomes that we want to build back to alignment with our system and future eating habits.

If you are coming from a water fast, then initially refill the glycogen stores with juice(orange juice, apple) and slowly intake a litre over the period of an hour. You may wish to juice for 1 whole day on fruit and this would be optimal.

The weight gains during this process will be in the muscle (glycogen).

On the second day (and if you have done a juice fast this is your 1st day), start by consuming the softest fruits at a very ripe stage. Great examples such as papayas, mangoes, kiwi, pears, plums and nectarines...

The fruit that ferments the easiest is the best for you, especially at this time.

Don't over indulge, just allow the fruit to sit inside for a good hour and then slowly intake more.

Try to be really present with this food and appreciate the realness of what is there for you at this moment..

Feel every aspect of the nature of where you are and that level of gratitude will serve you in life.

Then after the 1st day, slowly integrate what your new average daily food source will be.

Each time you fast, food awareness picks up and progression to the sensitivity of your inner mechanics will bring clarity to what foods harm and what foods heal. Be gentle...garlic, onions, chillies, meat, dairy— too much heavy cooked food, please avoid...

But this is essentially your journey, so learn and grow at your own pace.