Table sugar (sucrose)

Sugar is poison, it is a chronic liver toxin and an immune system suppressant that is 10 times more addictive than crack cocaine.

Just 5 grams of table sugar stops your immune system working for 4 hours. This highly feeds and breeds candida which is in turn cancer and all of the problems associated with sickness and disease.

This is among the most acid forming foods, meat dairy, sugar and processed foods. Yeast is candida and candida is fed by all dead food that you put into your body. Your body only wants raw alive soft simple natural sugar from fruit. This is Al-k-aline and starves candida, Freeing one from all the symptoms of disease.

If you are looking to heal and raise your true awareness to spiritual innerstanding, the vessel/body/avatar must be clear, clean and receptive to be functioning well. Why? Your endocrine system which is essentially linked to our Chak-ra system that is connected to our nervous system, determines a connection to the divine life force experienced in the physical resonance.

Light will fill your body and you will feel this very quickly when eating correctly.