The Highest truth on Salt

There are many types of salt; pink salt, Celtic sea salt, sea salt, rock salt, black salt, table salt...

Table salt is the worst type of salt you could ingest, as it's full of micro particles of plastic, glass, bleach and salt.

Salt is an essential nutrient, called sodium, without which you cannot survive. Fortunately, you get all of the sodium you need on a whole plant food diet (fruit being the highest form of food). Salt has a powerful effect on overeating by stimulating more dopamine in the brain, and as a result of this you will systematically eat more on foods containing additional salt that you would on a whole food diet.

We all know that Salt is used as a preservative and what it does when in contact with bugs/bacteria and micro life. You have a trillion bacteria living inside your gut, thousands of strains that are very important in the role of up taking nutrients into the body, fermenting the food and keeping your immune system optimal. If salt is a preservative, can you try to see what could be happening if we put a high salt/ sodium rich diet into this delicate environment...?

It can alter the Gut micro environment which is key for prana production, use and storage. Sugar, oil and salt (processed foods) affect it..

Fluid retention, joint pain, congestion, aches and pains, high blood pressure — it all comes from the fluid the body retains from the symptoms associated with eating salt. Drawing water from the places it needs to be and swelling around our tissue(a watery look/thick skinned/smooth).

If you place salt on a living food and leave it for a certain period of time, around 15 to 20 mins you will see it draw water out from the organic matter, this is also happening to your system.. However, in saying this, to consume salt such as Himalayan or Celtic sea salt in a part of your transition from a standard western processed food to a whole plant food diet is an incredible leap and health benefit, and to progress through the stages of evolutionary eating to a point of the highest form which is mono fruits, you will then innerstand why fruit does not taste good with the addition of salt and why we will never welcome this flavour.

Keep progressing and never worry that it will add to acidity...

Stay with the X family as your lifestyle bi-ble and you will feel the system change and prana(energy) fill your body up with light.