The protein myth

Do we fully innerstand protein and its role in our system?

What is protein and why do corporations tell us we need protein?

Protein is made inside our body. This is called protein synthesis. Our body uses amino acids from the fruits to convert into protein synthesis, where they're readily available to make new cells.

The reason why animal tissue has a large amount of protein is because the protein has been created from what the animal has eaten into muscle tissue. If our body uses glucose as an energy source and amino acids to code the body, why would we want to eat meat which has very little glucose inside, and only secondary amino acids from fruit, vegetables, grass and grains that they have eaten. We should be going straight to the source and the source that is easily assimilated by our body is the glucose, sugar that is inside of fruit.

Anything other than the source of glucose, our body has to convert into glucose to use as a fuel. This is what causes acidity to the body. We do not need protein, we make protein. 

If you want to grow big, strong and healthy the real function of our system and its fuel are needed, become the true alchemist..

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