Perfect Patties


Serves: 10 patties preparation time: 35 Mins

200g sunflower seeds

100g pumpkin seeds

300g carrots (2 large)

1 large clove of garlic (optional) 1 teaspoon sea salt

Small handful fresh parsley

Step 1

Grind seeds in a food processor until you get a meal.

Step 2

Chop carrots into small pieces and boil until soft. Blend or mash the carrots.

Step 3

Crush or finely chop the garlic and wash and finely chop parsley.

Step 4

Add the carrots and seeds into a mixing bowl with the crushed garlic and add the salt and parsley. Mix until everything is thoroughly combined and the mix should stick together really well.

Step 5

Take portions of the mix depending on how big you want your patties, and shape into round, about 1.5cm thick.

Pop them in the oven on a baking tray to bake for 30 minutes on 180C degrees.