Oil free chips


Serves: as many as you wish Preparation time: 15 mins Cooking time: 45 mins

Potatoes of your choice.

Note: it is good to use glass oven trays as I've noticed from parchment paper you can end up having paper stuck...but you can use unbleached parchment paper and if you take care you will have perfection either way.

Patience is a virtue.

You can part boil or put straight in the oven or air fryer...you may try both but it's quicker to put them straight in the oven. We recommend Maris Piper for chips.

Step 1

Bring a pan of water to the boil.

Step 2

While waiting for water to boil, wash and peel potatoes.

Step 3

Thick cut the potatoes into 1.5cm wide(ish) chips.

Add the chopped potatoes into the boiling water and bring up to boil, turn down and simmer for 12 to 15 minutes.

Please note that these should not be too soft and once at at the right consistency(just able to get a fork through).

Step 4

Preheat the oven to 220 degrees celsius.

Drain water and leave the potatoes to steam off the excess water for ten mins (this will stop sticking and will allow crispy fluffy niceness).

Place on a non stick pan with no oil.

Cook for 20 minutes on one side and then turn the chips over— you may not need to but I would to ensure perfection.

And leave to cook for a further 20 minutes. Watch the golden brown oil free chips bring delight to your being...

Or you can just cut the potatoes, (preferably Maris piper) and keep turning them and shape to your preferred shape. Bake for 45 minutes turning every 15 minutes.

Extra: make a spicy/garlic/lemon/plain guacamole or hummus for a dip, or add to a main meal.