I do not recommend nuts as a great food source for the al-k-aline diet and healing the acidic life force energy body. They are far removed from the bodies optimum food source—glucose. Nuts are seeds to create trees that add great nitrogen and minerals to the soil and work symbiotically with fruit trees and life. Nuts cannot be digested very well at all and for that reason they cause acidosis. The best way to consume them is to soak them in water, for at least four to six hours and this will change the structure of the seed/nut and it will begin to create enzymes that can be digested easier as it begins to create a sprout. This will allow it to be easier digested within your system, second to that is to roast them slowly But again, I still suggest to refrain from nuts as you progress on this journey and see how you feel removing them from your eating habits. Nuts can be a great transitional food, and you can create such wonderful cakes and curries and flavours. I haven't put many recipes in here containing them and that's because it is something that I want to move away from.

But if you do wish to use nuts, here's a few examples of how you can use them.

If you blend nuts in a smoothie, it creates a thicker richer texture. It will also fill you up for longer, which is not necessarily a good thing. This just means that the body is finding things hard to digest and doesn't want you to put in any more food.

If you blend nuts in a curry, you create a wonderful cream and a flavour of richness.

If you blend any type of nuts in a food processor (stirring regularly), you will make nut butter. You can add a pinch of salt to bring out the flavour.

In-joy your experience and do what feels right for you. 

Always remember that fruit is King and Queen of health, and life is yours so in-joy and stay present.

We love you