Meat offers us nothing but death and destruction of our cells. To consume death is to become death. These are rotting bodies from factory food farmings.

If we just step back and observe that we are consuming the flesh/muscle tissue of another sentient life ... and for what? A secondary source of amino acids that have already been coded to create that animals muscle/flesh (protein synthesis), and then the body has to convert and recode that source into an available fuel which is extremely acid forming and takes the energy/prana away from the system.

We run off of glucose... Can you see how hard that would be to convert this and ferment?

How long does cooked flesh take to decompose or mould???

The animals eat the grain, grass, seeds, fruits that could be sustaining the life of mankind in abundance, also the animals are injected and fed steroids, growth hormones, antibiotics and all of this is inside the flesh that the consumer eats and only has trace elements of the food nutrition.

Not only this, the poor sentient animals mostly live in bad conditions in stress. As they are murdered they release hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline and emotional content that all has to be broken down by your system which eventually builds and becomes a part of your psychological and physical makeup.

Ever wondered why you are angry, stressed and can't put a finger on it?

Not only is this destruction of yourself, it is also of the land and earth that the captive unnatural animals inhabit, taking up land and having to grow all the food and water to feed these animals that we need to eat and feed ourselves. In animal production, breeding and feeding for example, a huge cow is bred for 1 to 5 years just for the milk—which is for the baby calf— and then the corpse is eaten—which is rotting flesh. It is so unnatural and illogical, it makes no sense whatsoever. This is not a good source of fuel and it will run your body on an acidic wavelength—thus lowering the frequency, disconnection in consciousness, lowering the capabilities of the experiencer. All in all just a very negative way of existence.