Bonus Tip Entrees

Make an abundance of real mc crisps.

Use these to place raw food on to enjoy as a wonderful party snack/treat anytime.

Grate equal cabbage and carrot mix in lemon juice and salt.

Peel a cucumber and make strips.

Chop a tomato in circles.

And mash avocado with lemon and stir in chopped chives with salt..

For the spicy Sauce

Blend 2 tomatoes with 5 dates, juice of half a lemon, teaspoon of black pepper and salt.

Spread avocado on bottom of the crisps/chips

Then add a slice of tomato, followed by a sprinkle of the carrot and cabbage lemon mix.

Then a few strips of cucumbers

Lastly, drip the sauce on top and salt everything to taste.

This will be a favourite... Party snack of craving crushers.