The B12

Here we Focus attention as we are predominantly a Plant Based community on innerstanding the importance of B12 to the highest Degree.

B12 also known as Cobalamin, its role is in the nervous system and therefore translates too all nervous system activity and its relations, an upmost essential Vitamin needed for the body to function.

B12 is produced by a bacteria found in natural organic soils. For this bacteria to produce B12 there needs to be cobalt present in the soil. It is also produced inside the gut of humans and animals.

If you study the synthesis inside the lower intestine you will find it actually comes out in our faeces naturally. Then our faeces would be given to the earth and the cycle will continue.

Gorilla acquire sufficient B12 from eating small amounts of soil on roots and also small amounts of their own poo and other gorillas - this is also a practice of chimps..

It is a myth that we need to consume animal products to get our B12 and here are some facts ;

In the commercial world the soil quality has been degrading overtime and due to the declining quality of the soil from the over intensive farming it has made the soil deficient in cobalt, due to the food being deficient in B12 it is not just humans but also animals that need this. With animal industry, almost if not all of the farmed animals are fortified with injections, 95% of all of the B12 supplements produced go to livestock !!! So why not cut out the Middle Animal... This is mostly unknown to the population. This gives the grand illusion to the masses that animal products are superior at providing B12 than the true organically Grown fruits, vegetables and herbs. If you search what foods have B12, you will only find sources of animal products or fortified processed foods???

This is bringing a wave of sick beings due to lack of real Knowledge. The industry has pushed animal products in such a way that it has altered their perception towards food and what actually is the real food the human body and what it be consuming {one of the many challenges in duality and the matrix}

Land in its natural state humans and animals receive plenty of B12 from the good quality cobalt rich soil, Most of the land if not all under corporate measures is raped of its pure quality and natural organic synchronisation with all micro life. NOTE, it is not just B12/ cobolt missing, there is a domino effect and other vital Vitamins and Minerals are not present, resulting in vitamin and mineral deficiency also with some inactive amino acid codes that could express and further leap in the evolution of man kinds physical..

Iodine is one of these just to mention another Vital Element not present in commercial soil, we will cover soon..

This is why it's so necessary to live in a clean environment, to be on organic soil, to grow ones own fruits and vegetables, as there is absolutely a wholistic organic micro-macro Organism that is in perfect balance and harmony with all life.

If one has the clarity to see, one can break that chain with innerstanding nature and the flow of the micro organisms so we can "Let nature take its course".

One would think it would be better to have unwashed vegetables from organic farmers. But organic process within the commercial world still have poor soil quality and organically approved pesticides thus killing beneficial bacteria and having harmful bacteria to replace it, you may find E coli, salmonella, hepatitis, to name a few in poor quality soil, and this is due to the nature of the matrix. They collect faeces from the sewers and water systems, give it to the farmers to spray on the fields.?!?!?!

How beautiful would life be creating your own compost in a garden with all of the fruit and vegetable peel then feeding it to the beautiful soil... Creating and allowing perfection by letting nature expressing itself as divinity intended, freeing toil being magnifi-cence in all its glory.

The liver can store B12 for on around 3 to 5 years but can be known to for up to 20. On average we lose around  0.1% of our B12 stores each day, so signs of deficiency aren't usually that immediate but a B12 deficiency left unfixed is extremely serious.. So Without the proper garden and food we are fortunate enough to have inexpensive and effective be 12 supplementations such a Methylcobalamin, Hydroxocobalamin and Cyanocobalamin.

SYMPTOMS of a B12 Deficiency, note than any can be present but extreme deficiency most will be present.

Persistent Mouth ulcers


Pins and Needs

Neuropathy - numbness in hands/arms, Feet/legs

Bobbing Head,

Chronic Fatigue/M.E

Decrease Motor Function

Brain Fog/mental impairment



Tingling spine

A slight Pain or yellow colouring to the skin


Digestive issues

A feeling of an inability to catch your breath or intake enough oxygen

Body pain


Loss of limb function


A very High percentage of Alzheimers/Dementia sufferers are actually B12 deficient and issues can be remedied quickly.

Also drugs such as Metformin for diabetics Decrease B12 in the system..

Something to note is there are Mild and very extreme B12 deficiency symptoms. They range within each individual so if you have any of the above, we recommend you get tested..

B12 Megaloblastic Anemia is when there is a very low  B12 in the body and the red blood cell count is lower than normal making the size of each cell has increased due to responding to the lower count,

Red blood cells carry oxygen to the body tissues - this leaves one feeling weak, often tired and breathless..

Peripheral nerve damage occurs with serious deficiency which leads to movement issues, numbness in the hands/arms, legs/feet, a bobbing head, slower diminished reflex's, weakness and can lead to floppy legs/unable to walk.

This type of issue we strongly recommend B12 injections and a with a protocol recommened by your doctor, we have found to be the best -

1000mcg injections every monday, wednesday and friday for 3 weeks and then once a week for a month.. Then having a Blood test to check levels with an intrinsic factor test..

Please note that B12 injections are water soluble and therefore there is no known overdose, any excess is excreted in urine and is a very safe method.

Usually the more aggressive symptoms like numbness start to become better from day 1- 4 and progress with each day and take a few months up to 6 months to be fully recovered,

Someone who has Pernicious Anemia {Lacking intrinsic factor} -  What is intrinsic Factor ?  In the gut enzymes ands hydrochloric acid unbind vitamin B12 so it is in its Free available form and then it binds with a protein called intrinsic factor which enables the small intestine to absorb this vital vitamin B12.

Without the intrinsic Factor (Pernicious Anemia) The Medical practice will offer injections for the rest of the patients life. There have been many people who takes ones health into their own hands and go through periods of fasting and fruits until there is a correction.. But making sure B12 injections are given until the intrinsic factor is present once again.

In the Uk the levels are Between 190 pg/ml and 950 pg/ml, our my opinion we should aim for the higher end of the scale.. It has also been known that someone could have a normal range reading 350 for example and be experiencing neuropathy, everyone has slightly different metabolism and available B12.


What can one do to make sure B12 is in the diet??

First we do not recommend animal products but do not judge and what one does is ultimately the experience one needs to go through at that time, do not judge yourself either.

There are many ways we can ensure B12 is in our diet a few commercial ways are;

Yeast Flakes (organic preferably) - (free from candida albicans) & of course other Fortified Foods which are usually processed..

Supplements Such as B12 injections or Oral, Oral take much longer and only 5% actually can be used by the body, injections work instant and once shot every 2 months with keep one elevated

Natural methods  -

Know your local trusted organic grower, speak with them about the land and methods used, try find some well grown produce, such as beetroots, mushrooms, Potatoes and spinach.

With fruits the land must be of clean pure with a very lively soil and rich in cobolt,,

Cobolt rich foods such as Figs, Berries such as strawberries and cranberries. Other fruits include grapes, apricots, pears and seaweeds are a wonderful source of cobolt which aids in the body's own production in the gut.

In your garden if it is great soil, natural abundant and rich without pesticides, herbicides or fungicides you can injoy a small amount of some roots without washing off the soil , the safest way is to get the soil tested and let the plants do the work, then eat the plants..


This is a very important Essential Vitamin and if you feel any symptoms please get yourself tested,

We wish everyone a beautiful Garden with the most incredible microbiome and a long happy healthy life free from disease.

Have a beautiful day

love and light x