Demon who seizes and destroys

Translated from the meaning "Demon who seizes and destroys”, all alcohol also contains yeast. The only beverage with no yeast in the making is gin but it still causes serious issues.

It is a very big depressant and this is why it has been pushed in the industry, suppressing your divine nature..

You can see someone change from one sip if your subtle in your observations.. And has been a big part in the destruction of a functioning aware community.

Acute symptoms of alcohol:

Domination from ego/entity voices controlling you and you not on control Central nervous system suppression

Blood vessel dilation


Rapid heart rate Myocardial depression Diuresis Hypoglycaemia

Motor control loss

Chronic exposure:

Blood disorders

Electrolyte abnormalities Hypertension (high blood pressure) Cardiac dilation

Heart disease

High blood triglycerides Pancreatitis



Fatty liver disease

Fetal alcohol syndrome


Stay away from this evil... It serves man no thing but destruction. Destruction of mind, body and connection to the divine.. Em-power-ment, do not destroy ment...

Again all is choice, and where you are on your journey is where you need to be, progress slow and steady, when you are ready..

A drink containing sugar, yeast and alcohol(POISON) feeding candida, causing serious aliments in our system…… Doesn't sound like the best fuel for our system does it..

Swap it for a fresh juice and feel the life force

Be wise, we love you x