About Cooked Foods

Welcome to the whole-food cooked food section...

This is a L-eve-L up from buying any food in packages, any pre-cooked, convenience food with additives such as sugar, caffeine and more. These recipes are going to make someone who eats that type of food feel incredible and experience an enhanced awareness. And for one who is eating raw and wants a cooked meal now and again, can turn to these recipes as a cheat meal, and to re- cognise the feeling of denser cooked food to progress on the awareness through food sensitivity.

Humans are the only species on earth that cooks food, and by cooking we are only denaturing it. Cooking removes digestive enzymes and live nutrients and so the body will now have to make these, causing stress and acidity. This is why one will feel lethargy after a big cooked meal, as in turn it takes away prana, our life-force energy, which is stored in our gut. It also drops the alkaline nature of foods and increases acidity.

Eating cooked foods as a staple will ultimately cap your vibration and for those see- king the highest, keep progressing.

Enjoy these recipes, and always stay present and shape the flavour with your ingredients. Try to play with your food as a part of your conscious creations and become one with it all. After all, you become it and it becomes you.

Remember also, that not all food tastes the same. Some things like dates, tomatoes and peppers are sweeter than others, so you may need to add more sweetness, i.e. more dates, apples, a banana, or for more acidity you can add things like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and more or less salt for your acquired taste.

Bring great love and intention to your food.

You are magic and you control the water that surrounds you... Every thought is felt.