A simple healthy raw protocol

A simple protocol for wonderful vibration and living high holistic and interactive with life

Rising / break-fast

1 litre of orange juice

Two hours later

A smoothie

Three hours later

A meal - raw preferably

Two - three hours later

A smoothie

Followed by a juice before you go to bed.

If you are training, try fresh fruit juice during your session, this will keep glucose topped up and there is a lesser chance of fatigue.

It has real live amino acids and glucose. This will power your work outs and stop the body using all the stored glycogen. For bodybuilding and muscle growth, make sure you consume enough food to increase the mass, as you only grow as big as you can eat.

There is nothing better than moving towards a mono fruit diet, as all fruit has seasons and if we were to live among the trees that produced the food we would know that fruit comes in abundance and all fruit has different solo periodic ripening.

So, mono fruits would be a natural way to eat as the fruit should be dropping at a similar period over the course of a month or so. Say to indulge in particular fruits throughout the day and to eat them on their own but as much as one can to fulfil the satiation needed. The body easily converts the fruits as the fruits ferment the easiest.. Fermentation is what goes on inside the gut.

We had many many recipes from transitioning in the past, but we wanted to stay away from certain things such as grains flowers, coconut sugars / flours, oils, nuts, seeds, breads, onion, garlic, chilli. All of the finest flavours we think and creativeness come from those ingredients, but they cause inflammation and acidosis and this book has unique recipes to steer one away from these things.

We love you very much. We truly wish you all balance and happiness and we hope you find great ideas inside this book.