Lesson 6 - Healing Others & Healing At A Distance

As we progress and integrate the practice of the Lost Art of Breath, we become attuned to pulling in Aetherical life force energy into our system.

This energy, with great practice and sensitivity, we can channel and direct it locally and at a distance.

Remember, all limitations are but a thought, they exist only in the minds of the persons and a constructed be-lie-f...

It is your time to break boundaries beyond the limitations of your perception.

Stay with the course and let it co-ur-s-e through your entire being.

We cannot go into depth about the psychic healing of dis-ease with prana here but we will give you easy, clear instructions when one can en-able themselves to do great healing/relieving to others...

There is the main focus of the Rhythmic breath. With your controlled thought, one is able to pull in, absorb and store chi/prana /energy/life force and by your wiLL, direct it into the body of another.

This brings a stimuli to the weak diseased areas of the body while driving out the issue.

You see, Plasma, which is prana, is the most highest healing modality of all things, and essentially we are increasing the plasma charge.

The keys are for one to become familiar with forming the mental image of the condition and you will be able to feel the pull of prana and the pathway of the force flowing down your arms and out of the tips of your fingers into your patient.

Note: The rhythmic breath must be done frequently through this healing to keep a normal rhythm which will allow the prana an effortless flow.

Try to place the hands on skin. If this is not possible, do it over the clothing.

Use your intuition and grow with all of these basics. Take into consideration that you can gently run your finger tips over the area which will offer comfort and speak words such as leaving the body, healing, strength, love and left the body.

Each patient will be different and you will become more advanced with time.

Healing Others

  1. Breathe Rhythmically until you have established a fair rhythm and place your hands over the desired area and let them rest gently.
  2. Now follow the exercises from Self Healing, "Pumping"  bring great focus, and now fill the patient full of prana. Continue to do so until the disease/condition has been removed. Use this aid: As you are pumping every so often, raise your hands and flick the fingers as you throw away the issues. It is key to be a continuous stream of prana. See yourself as a medium that is the tool for utilising the power of the universe (prana) and you are pulling in and directing that constant flow.
  3. Once you have finished, it is important to do the cleansing breath, and rinse your hands with water...

This acts as a cleanse deeper than the physical realm.

Grow your craft...all can be applied in many different ways...Find your R-out-e

This is far more advanced with the rhythmic breath. You may know as magnetic healers, it is prana, and utilising the Rhythmic breath enhances the power 2 fold.

Healing at Distance

Our prana with focus, with a mental power and projection of thought, we can send a stream of Prana to beings at a distance.

They must have a willingness to be able to receive it...

But great healing can be done this way.

Western world relates this as absent healing, but here you will find how to apply this to your journey and temple.

You will be directing the di plasma across space and sending directly into the psychic channel of the patient.

It will pass through all objects and will seek the  being to receive it...

To make this work properly, you must hold a mental image of them until you find a strong connection /union with them. This is a true physic process and will come down to the mental form that you create.

When the connection/union is established, what is happening is there is a disintegration of space and a sense of closeness as there is no distance between you and the patient.

It can be sometime before this practice is mastered but the true will of the practitioner will bring this to light...

  1. Begin a Rhythmic breath until the rhythm is established.
  2. Form a strong mental image of the patient.
  3. Give clear mental instructions that "i am sending you a stream of healing life force which is going to heal you."
  4. Now create a strong mental image of the life force/prana leaving your mind with each exhale of the Rhythmic breath, and see that in the void of space it is travelling freely and instantaneously entering the patent and healing them.

Note: That the more receptive the patience the greater the healing...

If you and the patient are open to hours of healing, allow the space and time together to be able to send and receive.

This action at a distance with show you that you have more power than you ever knew.

These perceptions will continue to grow as you give more time to yourself with practice of the best computer system gnown in existence...

For the true practitioner, keep up the Lost Art Of Breath.

Build your temple.

There is nothing external in the physical that can improve you.

We love you so much xxx