Lesson 5 - Vocalizing Breath



This breath will develop the voice,

Creating a strong, clear, yet soft and smooth sound. Which has many depths and qualities to it.

To a true practitioner in time you will see what a difference it will make to the vocal Cords and voice.

This breath should be used infrequently around 3 times a strong (week).



As slow as possible , inhale the Complete breath.


Retain it for 4 seconds


With a wide mouth opening, expel the air fully in one powerful breath.


Bring balance to the lungs by finishing on the cleansing breath.


Repeat 3 times.


This is something worth adding to your practice as in time one will truly appreciate the advance in tone and resonance that it will bring...


Have a wonderful day everyone.


Keep up your Whole foods Living vibrational healing, your yoga, virtuous living and of course breathing.


Thank You all so much for your love..


Let's continue to master the Air El-e-ment